All-in Rental

All-in Rental
Your complete system in the area of communications and security without investment. The all-in rental allows you to work with the latest professional communications and security products. Do you need security by means of a service contract? With our service contract you are immediately assured of the 100% functioning of your system. This makes the rental agreement the best customised solution for your communications and security needs.
All-in rental, including:
  • Communications and/or security system
  • Installation materials
  • Labour and consultation
  • Service contract
Why choose All-in Rental?
  • No investment necessary
  • No devaluation
  • No effect on liquidity
  • No risk of obsolescence
What can All-in Rental mean for you?
  • Always the newest, most suitable system for your communication and security needs.
  • Always available and secured by means of the service agreement.
  • Low monthly costs per connection.
  • Cost distribution per connection, simple and transparent, hence no unexpected costs.
With our all-in rental solution it’s possible to work with a complete, professional telecom and/or security system for less than € 5.00 per day. Choose continuity, security and quality with the all-in-rental customised solution by HTC International! Please contact our sales department for more information.