Fixed telephony

Fixed telephony is subdivided into Analogue, Digital, SIP en VoIP, also called protocols. The possible network lines are as follows: Analogue, ISDN and SIP. PBX is an abbreviation of Private Branch Exchange, or put simply, a company’s phone switchboard. Organisations with several connections use a PBX to regulate internal, inbound and outbound traffic. Modern PBX systems offer a wide range of special functions such as direct dial, hunt groups, call logging, voicemail, music on hold, call distribution, queue indicators, etc. In addition to analogue and digital devices, HTC International also delivers SIP and VoIP devices. HTC International offers the most state-of-the-art and advanced PBX systems that support analogue, digital, SIP and VoIP, thanks to which we can always offer a professional solution for your personal telephony needs.
Fixed telephony HTC International - Panasonic
Analogue and ISDN
We have long-standing expertise with traditional telephone exchanges that use the analogue or ISDN network, thanks to which we can always offer you a high degree of service. The analogue or ISDN network is more and more being replaced by an SIP trunk. Naturally, HTC International is the right partner for acquiring and installing your SIP trunks.
A DECT system offers optimal mobility and flexibility for all your needs and wishes. Whether you work in an office, factory, warehouse, supermarket or a large company, the DECT system allows you to maintain continuous contact with colleagues and even customers, even if you move about your workplace freely and unimpeded. The DECT system is an integrated, wireless mobility solution that was specially developed for use with a PBX (telephone switchboard). This system provides an automatic hand-over between installed wireless base stations, which increases the range and provides full communication mobility.

DECT, flexible and mobile
In a busy office environment, flexibility and mobility are of essential importance. Now wireless phones can be integrated into your phone system, giving wireless users all the advantages of conventional phones without being location-dependent. With the DECT system your employees can move about freely throughout the company, inside and outside, while still remaining constantly available.

VoIP and SIP
Making calls using SIP/VoIP means calling with more options and more flexibility for significantly lower costs. The internal conversion to calling with SIP takes place without any major changes needing to be made in your current situation, which means that you can continue to use your current telephone switchboard and phone sets. What will change is the connection that you use to make and receive calls. With SIP you will use your Internet connection for your telephony instead of the traditional phone line. You will use this connection for phone calls and you will have access to the Internet for data traffic. Thanks to clever technology, these services run seamlessly on the same connection.
What is VoIP?
It is a fact that Internet technology has unleashed a revolution in communication. With the new telecommunications systems, organisations can also use the Internet Protocol for their internal telephony and can integrate field employees or employees working from home, for example, into the corporate network easily and without a host of problems. Multiple locations of a given company can be connected using the phone systems’ IP gateways. Voice over IP (VoIP) enables the most cost-effective solution for making calls in the entire data network. The systems use the standardised protocols: VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

Advantages of VoIP and SIP
The VoIP and SIP protocols enable multimedia communication (audio, video and other data communication), so your communication possibilities in regard to the analogue network are endless. The conversion from voice to data and vice versa takes place with the highest degree of security and provides the best voice quality. With VoIP/ SIP you can phone as usual but for lower costs and with better quality and more options for various business applications, such as Unified Communications, among others.

What can HTC International mean for you?
HTC International will advise and support you with your choice of communication system to see which one suits your communication needs. With HTC International, your organisation is always assured of professional, reliable telephony. If you are interested in finding out what HTC International can do for your organisation, please contact our sales department for a no-obligation consultation.