Cabling concepts

Copper cabling

The infrastructure for data communication forms the basis of your professional automation systems. Computer systems, communication systems, facility management, access control systems, AC, safety and security systems and telephony are fully dependent on a comprehensive network infrastructure.

Need to set up a telecom, data of CAI network? HTC International can install all copper (data), COAX and fibre optic cabling networks, both underground as well as inside buildings. These cabling concepts are delivered by HTC International fully installed, measured and certified. HTC International is an all-round supplier for telematics, security and ICT and can provide you with the necessary hardware and software for your organisation.
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Your network’s cabling forms the basis of your complete communication infrastructure. Without a reliable and manageable network you cannot use the full functionality of your investment.

Quality protection
Nowadays, network cabling uses primarily twisted pair cables (Cat5e, 6, 6a, 7 and 7a). In a twisted pair setup, the wires are wound around each other in order to prevent electromagnetic interference. Copper cables are subdivided into a number of classes/concepts based on the shielding inside the cable which makes the cable less sensitive to external influences.

Copper cabling concepts
HTC International sells, installs and certifies various cable types, from standard network cables (UTP) to foiled twisted pair cables (FTP) to shielded twisted pair cables (STP). The way the cable is shielded determines the sensitivity to electromagnetic interference. We support all cabling concepts, from CAT5e through CAT7a, and can always install a professionally measured and certified cabling network that meets your communication needs.

Professional quality
Our capability and experience is such that we can professionally set up both small as well as large and complex cabling networks, both indoors and outdoors. As a company, we test cabling networks based on customer specifications and standards. Our installation teams consist solely of certified technicians. We have calibrated measuring devices and specialised personnel for carrying out the required measurements in order to guarantee the quality of the cabling network.

HTC International knows which network is best suited for your organisation!
With HTC International you can always be sure that you are getting a professional, reliable copper cabling network. Are you interested in finding out which type of network cabling is best suited for your organisation? Then please contact our sales department for professional cabling advice.