Cabling concepts

Fibre-optic cabling

What is fibre-optic cabling
Digital accessibility is becoming more and more important to entrepreneurs, which means that the demand for large quantities of broadband capacity is increasing exponentially. Due to increasing digitalisation, entrepreneurs run the risk of current connections becoming overloaded and being inadequate for executing the tasks they need to. Fibre-optic cabling is excellently suited for bridging large distances without loss of quality.
With a fibre-optic network, optimal reliability, maximum speed and enormous capacity are within reach. This is now allowing entrepreneurs to be prepared for the high demand for capacity that future developments will bring about.
Fiber optic cabling HTC International - Exchange
Network infrastructure from A to Z
HTC International is able to deliver certified fibre-optic networks from A to Z, thereby making things a lot easier for you, the customer. The fibre-optic network can be used for data, telephony and TV.
HTC International makes things easier for you by offering you a total package consisting of the following:
  1. Design
  2. Engineering
  3. Project management
  4. Laying of jetting cabling
  5. (Pre)assembly
  6. Testing, measurement, maintenance and certification
  7. Service
Our capability and experience is such that we can professionally implement larger fibre-optic projects, both indoors and outdoors. As a company, we test fibre-optic systems based on customer specifications and standards. Our installation teams consist solely of certified fibre-optic technicians. We have calibrated measuring devices and specialised personnel for carrying out the required measurements, such as OTDR and PM, in order to guarantee the quality of the cabling network.
With HTC International you can always be sure that you are getting a professional, reliable fibre-optic network. If you are interested in finding out what HTC International can do for your organisation, please contact our sales department.