Everything you need in the area of wireless, VoIP, security, triple play and networking! We provide services in remote administration and network services. Our goal is to ensure that automation provides optimal support to the business processes of our customers, thereby positively contributing to profits and efficiency. In the ICT area, our core activities can be divided into consultancy, service provision and supply of complete solutions for organisations.
Complete systems, hardware, software and service provision
We specialise in setting up and managing business networks and can supply you with all the hardware and software as a service in the ICT area. Our hardware provision includes active components such as servers, routers, switches, emergency power supplies and the like. We can set up an efficient network together with you that is aligned with your needs. Setting up and managing information systems is right up our alley.

Customised advice
Our working method is distinguished by a project-specific and practical approach. We provide support for the entire automation process: from advice to design to implementation and management. This always results in functional automation solutions based on proven technology. Our professional service and support department handles all of your questions, and we always strive to resolve any issues in order to maintain maximum customer satisfaction.

HTC International collaborates closely with HTC-ICT so we are able tot provide a complete solution for our customers.  HTC-ICT is a member of the HTC Group and specialises in setting up and managing corporate networks. We can supply the products needed for this, such as active components, servers, routers, switches, etc. We can work with you to set up the most efficient network possible, focusing on your specific needs. HTC-ICT: a single point of contact and a single supplier for all your ICT activities and ICT issues.

Our ICT specialism:
  • Wireless
  • VMware
  • Cloud
  • Online Backup
  • Network
  • ICT Services

What can HTC International mean for you?
If you are interested in finding out what HTC International can do for your organisation in the area of ICT, please contact our sales department for a no-obligation consultation.
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