Camera security

Electronic security is an effective and reliable alternative to costly security personnel, which makes traditional security superfluous in many cases due to cost and profit considerations. Cameras, sensors, access systems and broadband connections provide security nowadays and enable you, the entrepreneur, to keep an eye on your company’s premises, your business activities, your customers and any criminal activities at all times and from anywhere.
Camera security HTC International
CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision) is the international term that encompasses camera security and surveillance. The digital age in the camera area has opened a lot of doors for Dutch businesses. Location overviews and information about personnel performance are just two examples of the possibilities. But things like vehicle registration and personal identification are also essential for a thorough security system. Digital camera systems are also called IP-CCTV. With the advent of IP-CCTV, camera systems can be used for various applications:
  1. Preventive actions
  2. Increasing the safety of employees and visitors
  3. Overview, insight and transparency
  4. Tracking support
  5. Recognition and identification
  6. Measuring the effectiveness of personnel
  7. Decreasing shoplifting and internal fraud
  8. Marketing support such as: point of sale registration and counting customers
Camera security
Camera security is suitable for more business applications than only theft recording and prevention. Naturally, the chance of crimes such as break-ins, vandalism and theft is minimised by a good video management system. However, camera security should not be seen as a stand-alone application, because camera security has a much larger function nowadays than only preventing crime.

Increased profit thanks to customer insight
Creative entrepreneurs who are open to out-of-the-box thinking see new possibilities with the new IP camera systems to not only decrease profit losses but also to significantly increase revenues and profit margins because a large amount of customer insight is automatically made available due to the purchase of dependable camera systems. Camera security gives you a large amount of information about customer behaviour, based on which you can target your marketing activities. Some examples:
  1. Customer count
  2. Networking of cash registers
  3. Product localisation
  4. Development of customer profiles
  5. Store and buying behaviour
  6. Interactive narrowcasting
All of our camera systems are embedded solutions that completely relieve you, the customer. HTC International can advise you as to which system is most suitable for your business. In addition, we handle the professional installation, whereby the hardware is correctly adapted to your environment. Our professional engineers also make sure that all applications are correctly configured for your personal requirements. If you are interested in finding out what HTC International can do for your organisation, please contact our sales department.