Conferencing system

With our HD video conferencing systems you can communicate live with top-quality video and audio. You will enjoy all of the advantages of face-to face meetings between two or more persons in various offices (point-to-point) or locations (multi-point), without the associated organisational nuisances. This means that both local as well as globally efficient communication is within reach, without you or your conversational partners needing to leave the office./contact/
Videoconferencing HTC International - KX-VC5600EX
Best audio and video quality
Thanks to the combination of clear HD (High Definition) video with full duplex sound, you can not only perfectly see your conversational partner’s facial expression but also clearly hear their tone of the voice and see their body language. Realistic videoconferencing with razor-sharp quality which makes it seem as if your conversational partners are sitting across from you is already possible today.

Videoconferencing as a business application
Videoconferencing is excellently well-suited for establishing real-time communication over larger distances, without needing to travel. At the moment, this sustainable technology is primarily being used by companies with a widespread office network for frequent, realistic and productive remote communication with high-quality video and audio. Video conferencing systems are not primarily used for business meetings, conferences, presentations and telecommuting options. Video conferencing is being used quite a bit in the education and health care sectors.

Videoconferencing in the education sector
Videoconferencing systems are also frequently used in the education and health care sectors. Videoconferencing in the education sector enables students to participate remotely in lectures and digital educational opportunities (e-learning) and allows schools to invite guest lecturers for presentations without a need for travel. Educational institutions can thus optimise their services and reach a larger target group through global opportunities.

Videoconferencing in the health care sector
Videoconferencing in the health care sector us being used for telemedicine, telehealthcare and teleconsultation. This form of communication allows physicians and other medical professionals to efficiently share information and knowledge. It is also possible to have patients digitally contact a physician for diagnostic purposes in order to save lives and allocate monies for health care more efficiently.

Customised advice with HTC International
There are numerous other possibilities for which videoconferencing is suitable for your specific communication needs, whereby the quality of your communication remains guaranteed or is even improved due to the many possibilities. If you are interested in obtaining a customised communication consultation by HTC International, please contact our sales department.