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The traditional work environment is being increasingly abandoned. Employees are more and more mobile, work from the road or from home, commute between various offices or travel around the globe. In this type of dynamic work environment it is very important that employees can communicate easily and effectively, everywhere and at all times.
Panasonic Communications Assistant by HTC International - Panasonic
Communication Assistant
More than half of employees use both a PC and a phone at their workplace. These devices frequently work independently of each other, while connecting them would bring about better, more efficient and faster interaction with customers.

Communication Assistant provides Unified Communications via intuitive and productivity-increasing PC applications. Integrate telephony and the PC screen in order to simplify and improve real-time business communication based on presence, availability and unified and instant messaging.

Various applications
Unified Communications solutions help companies improve interaction with and service provision to their customers and ensure cost savings for the company through improved efficiency and productivity. Connect your company with a solution that has been developed to meet constantly changing needs. Increase productivity with integrated business software applications and mobility based on a common network infrastructure with which all your users can be connected wherever they are.

What are some applications that are administered by Communication Assistant?
- Door intercom and sensor operation
- IP camera integration and operation
- Monitoring business activities
- Call centre functions

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