Messaging solutions

Business messaging systems are efficiently and securely implemented throughout the entire organisation. A messaging system is a reliable, proven and convincing alarm management system for security, telecommunications and IT. A messaging system offers complete systems with, among other things, a reliable alarm, conferencing, information and notification system.
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Emergency procedure
Messaging systems generate text and spoken messages on a fixed-line and wireless device or PC monitor in the event of emergencies, with the goal of informing the user about an emergency situation. This alarm system can be connected to the access control system, fire alarm system and production management systems, for example, so that people can safely, quickly and responsibly leave the premises in the event of an emergency, thereby immediately and correctly putting the emergency procedure into action.

Increasing safety
With messaging systems it is also possible to localise people so that you always know where someone is so that they can be informed in a timely manner. The system increases your personal safety, the safety of your employees and the protection of your materials and property.

What can HTC International mean for you?
Our messaging solution is multifunctional, flexible and reliable. It offers you top-quality protection over IP, helping you protect your investment! If you are interested in how our messaging solutions can improve safety within your organisation in the event of emergencies, please contact our sales department for a no-obligation consultation.